Cento Makes THE Best Canned Tomatoes

My husband and I make tomato sauce from scratch A LOT. Several times a month, I’d say. We’ve tried many brands, but some were a bit bland and some were just awful.

Then we heard someone sing the praises of San Marzano roma tomatoes from Italy. We searched high and low, and found several companies that sell San Marzanos. We tried all of those…and Cento was, by far, the best.

Cento Canned Tomatoes

I bought the peeled tomatoes and pureed them with my stick blender right in the can, but I recently found that Cento has canned tomatoes already pureed, so it saved me a step. When I would made tomato sauce in the past, I’d add wine, a bunch of dried herbs, a little sugar, cream, butter…anything to make it taste good. With the Cento tomatoes, all I do is sautee some diced onion in a little olive oil, add the can of tomatoes, a little salt and pepper, and simmer about 20 minutes. That’s it!

The tomatoes are already so delicious, with the perfect balance of acidity and sweet, they don’t need anything else. Sometimes I chop some fresh oregano from the garden and add it in after I turn off the heat. It really is tomato heaven. That is the tomato sauce I use for pizza, my Polenta Medallions, gnocchi, spaghetti…you name it. It is rather unfortunate that Cento’s tomatoes aren’t organic. Organic really is my preference. But, I tried all the other brands of organic ones and they just weren’t right. Oh well.

Maybe some year I’ll have a huge garden and grow my own organic San Marzano roma tomatoes and can a bunch myself. Who knows?


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    Ines said,

    I love Cento and Contadina cammed tpmatoes. I have been buying them in United States but without that I am not able to find them in Canada. I am willing to buy by the case if you can forward a name where I can purchase these items, crushed, dices, paste, etc. I’m just a non-commercial user and live in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. L2G6H7
    Hope to hear, Ines

  2. 2

    figswithbri said,

    Ines – Thanks for your comment. I’ve actually moved my blog over to http://www.figswithbri.com and don’t maintain this one any more.
    As for the Cento tomatoes, I know amazon.com sells some, but I can’t tell by their site if they sell the San Marzanos or just the regular tomatoes. You could order a couple cans and see what you find. I think your best bet would be to just look on the web for gourmet food retailers and get them shipped. It can be hard to find them locally, but I’m sure you could find a company that will shop them. You may also want to go into the high end markets in your area and ask them to carry the Cento brand tomatoes. Good luck! Feel free to come over to my nicer blog that I update regularly http://www.figswithbri.com

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